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At YogiB yoga, we offer a wide range of private, semi-private and group classes to suit all ages. From Infants and right up to Tweens, Teens and Sports teams, we have a class specially for you and your kids.  All levels and abilities are welcome!

Mommy & Me photo.jpg

YogiB Mommy & Me

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers with Mommy, Daddy, Nannie, Grandparent, Carer

Mommy and Me yoga can be a super fun way to get moving, have deeper emotional and physical connections with your little one(s), whilst having fun at the same time! YogiB Mommy & Me classes offer beautiful strengthening and stretching yoga flows, and use breathing techniques and meditation to create that balance in our lives and bodies. And with little ones involved, the classes will bring fun energy and giggles, whilst your children enjoy being engaged with creative, imaginative yogi-play, partner poses, music, games, story time and relaxation. 

Mommy and Me

Yogi Bees

Preschool (3 to 5 yo)

Using music, movement, stories and games, children’s imagination will be engaged whilst learning yoga poses, simple breathing techniques and meditation in these weekly classes. The fun, interactive classes have different weekly themes and are a great introduction to yoga and mindfulness.

Yogi Bees

Yogi Fireflies

Kindergarten to 4th grade

Learning basic sun salutations, simple yoga flows, and many other yoga poses, children enjoy progressing their yoga skills, strength and balance alongside breathing techniques and meditation during these weekly classes. Children will learn to tune in to their body’s and mind’s sensations and use breath, meditation and movement to address these feelings.  Stories, games and crafts with weekly themes help children explore their imaginations and creativity, and develop their focus, patience and problem-solving skills.  

Yogi Fireflies

Yogi Tweens & Teens

5th grade and upwards

The tween and teen yoga classes touch on the elements of an adult practice with longer asana flows, learning specific breathing techniques and enjoying deeper relaxation through meditation. This class builds on a deeper mind-body connection, self-awareness, self-advocacy, mindfulness and kindness.


Semi-Private Group Classes

Semi-Private Classes, all grades

Yoga is great on it’s own, but also great for cross-training for other sports by building overall strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.  High-performance athletes are seeing the benefits of adding in yoga to their fitness training programs for years. It can also be a great option for rehabilitation post an injury. Combining meditation and mindfulness with a growth mindset supports children of all ages when they’re needing to handle stress, for example before a performance, an exam, or a game. Learning to listen to your mind and body, knowing when it needs balance, needs deep relaxation or needs energizing, is a key skill gained during these classes.

Yoga for Children with Special Needs

Private Classes, all ages, all abilities

All children (and adults!) can benefit from having more space in our lives - space in our bodies and space in our minds. Also, all children are special and unique in their own way. 


If your child is recovering from an injury, has ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorder, developmental delay, focus, attention or behavioral challenges, struggles with anxiety or stress, needs to improve their strength and flexibility for competitive sports, or needs a boost in their own confidence, private yoga sessions can be tailored to your child's unique needs. 


As a certified "Yoga for the Special Child", Liz can offer a private one-on-one sessions using the Sonia Sumar method, and / or integrate her years as a PT into the session as a combo class!

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